Friday, July 14, 2006


Well after trying the built in Blogger post editor and the Blogger word plugin, w.blogger and then finally Zoundry. I have decided I will give Zoundry a test for a few posts and see how it works. Sorry to those that might have seen the posts come and go throughout the day, but I was testing, and Blogger doesn't provide a test or development system, so production was the only place to try it out :)

I will rebuild the random data entry I did and see how Zoundry does for posting it.

You can find Zoundry at

It does appear to be the best so far today, but they do say it is in beta mode, so I have a feeling the "free" nature of the product may go away.


Eric W. said...

Just to clear up, the free nature of the application will not be going away. We'll be moving to the typical Free/Pro/Enterprise sales model starting with version 2.0 of the program. The free version of 2.0 will not have any advertisements nor will it have less functionality than the current 1.0 release.

Also, version 1.0 is out of beta, but only recently. It has been stable for months now, but only recently have we felt comfortable removing the 'beta' label.

Version 2.0, in addition to having a non-free version, will be an almost complete re-write. It will continue to be robust, it will have more features, but most importantly it will be much more flexible. No timeframe yet, but we're working hard on it.

Thanks for trying the application: we hope you enjoy it.

The Zoundry Team :)

Herod T said...

Thank you Eric for the clarification. Zoundry appears to be fairly robust.