Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vacation is almost over

My vacation is almost over. 2 of the 3 weeks vacation is over. Seems like I was working only yesterday. Starting to get bored though. The weather hasn't been the best for camping with cool nights and damp days so we have given up on that. I have been working around the house, that type of work never seems to end. I put built some shelves for my daughters room. They turned out much better than I thought they would. She was very excited at having more place to put her stuff. Actually, she is a lot like my wife, she was more excited at more room to put MORE stuff as the stuff she has already has its own spot. I have now started on a desk made out of MDF for my son's room to replace the small students desk he has. He would like to have a computer in his room instead of all of the computers in the office downstairs. We had his computer on his desk in his room, but there was no room for him to do his homework so we moved it into the office. Now, we will be moving it back. I already have network ran to his room, so once the desk is finished it should be a quick job of plugging it all in. I think for Christmas this year new computers for the kids with be the only present they get. My daughter uses a laptop , I bought her a toshiba 4090xDVD laptop last year (used) and she just loves having it. So I think a new Dell laptop for her, and possible a new Dell PC for my son as he is an avid gamer.

I checked my work email the other night, enough to get my blood boiling, the bad decisions that were made that I will have to deal with. I guess I will be rested and relaxed when I get back and will be able to deal with the problems as they rear their heads.

The new DBA starts next month, I am looking forward to that but he and I will work very little together unfortunately, he will probably be on a different floor. His job is going to be 100% dedicated to our Oracle Financial Applications suite. My junior DBA has realized he was in way over his head and took a transfer to a analysts position until he can learn more. It was a good choice all around. His DBA skills were good, but green, he was assumed to have the same skills and experience as me by others and he was just getting lost in the workload. I still will be giving him DBA related work so he can learn his desired career path. He needs to learn more about the company and how the systems he is working on relate to how the company does business. He was at the center of the company and getting bombarded from all sides with no time to sit and learn. The management finally went through (while I was on holidays) and removed the DBA job title from everybody who was just a DBA in title and no more. So, now, that means I am the only person with the DBA title in the company. All 10,000+ of us. Doesn't really mean anything to the company and it was like this before, but now I can be referred to as THE DBA instead of A DBA or THE SENIOR DBA. Can you be in a senior position with no juniors?

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