Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oracle Trace Analyzer

Eddie Awad recently posted about Oracle Trace Analyzer here. An excellent post, the quality of posts I hope to achieve in the future. I use the trace analyzer quite a bit, it is an excellent tool and it is one of those questions "doesn't everybody use that? " I ask myself about.

If you don't use trace analyzer you should read Eddie's post and investigate it. The amount of information supplied by the tool is better than TKPROF and is well worth the extra initial installation time.

I have become completely disheartened with the ability of the mainstream blogs to display even the most simple HTML/CSS in the format that I desire. I have tested wordpress as well and just can not get any of the systems to display posts the way I want. Very disappointing.

I used Zoundry and reformatted my post on creating a UNIX script to trace your current session from March 10/2006.


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