Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OCM - MOS - Metalink


Being removed from using oracle support for a period of time, I was spared the implementation pains that others experienced.  Too bad those pains haven't subsided. Come on... Flash?!?!?

If you put the fact that they chose flash (come on flash?!?!?) aside, the system is actually very good.  I can see the immediate benefit of using a collector and sending the data to them.  I was able to raise an SR with all of the particulars in about 2 minutes, would have been less if the !@$#%! backspace button worked, but it's 2010, why do we still have backspace buttons.

I don't have any of the searching issues that other's have had, the power search is actually pretty powerful when you figure it out and having a 3rd party list of missing patches has already proven to be a great asset in getting things up to date.  I generally feel that given enough time, MOS will be a good system, assuming they go to something else other than flash.

Come on Flash!?!?!?!?