Monday, April 24, 2006


Nothing work or oracle related here... I have been lucky enough to have two wonderful children, a great daughter who I am proud of , a very artistic and quiet girl with many friends. Then there is my son, Honour roll 3 years in a row, principles roll, achievement awards and generally a wonderful boy who I am proud of as well. I tend to talk about my kids far too much, I am sure my coworkers are thoroughly tired of hearing about me going on about my children. But all things must come to an end. Nothing horrible here, or tragic. Just my son even though he is 12, has decided that being a teenager is the thing for him. With the "teen angst" to go with it. I was hoping it would be put off for at least a few more years. But, I have a "wannabe" teen in the house... I hope it is worse than having a real teen, I can't see how it can really be any worse. My mother is probably STILL laughing, it is amazing how cruel parents can be. ;)

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John Hurley says ...

Just keep taking deep breaths and wait for him to turn 25 or 30. My oldest ( I have 2 girls ) is turning 12 in June.

Mostly I think it is the hormones kicking in making them realize what idiots they have for parents. Once they have children they will think that we are much smarter.

C'est la vie.