Friday, January 26, 2007

Conversion of '07 - First stage finished

The first export & load process finished. 304 gig of data transfered and loaded in 188 hours, only 15 tables had problems and were all easily corrected and scripted around for the next test. We had some network problems too that caused us to rewrite the process script on the linux server to pull the file size that was created on the old server and verify it against what actually appeared on disk.We are going to take a different approach to our transfers for the next test, we are going to have 5 "pipes" to transfer data over as the network guys promise to have 4 VPN's connected by the end of next week, simply will be 5 different IP addresses to transfer too so we can manually split the transfer up over the dedicated pipes and the shared pipe. The network guys estimate we should be able to cut our network transfer times by about 45%. The first shipment of new drives for the SAN has been shipped, the SA says it will be installed and functional by the 2nd week of February. I have assigned the PL/SQL verifying to 2 applications support people who had the unfortunate bad luck to look bored at a meeting, and I have delegated the rewriting of the .sh that creates the scripts to precreate the tables before the import to a developer here. I put an SA in charge of co-ordinating the hardware and OS installations so I don't have to. I have come to realize, being the project leader is a good thing, I don't have to do it, I can get someone else to do it and just verify they did it right.

More good news on the hardware front. Our broker found us hardware sooner than expected and HP came up with a supported OS structure that will run what is necessary for the contractors to move/port the application to a different apps server. Timing is going to be an issue though, our "soft" deadline is quickly approaching and already the MS project estimated finish date is 12 days behind our deadline. The consultants rewriting the front end have hit a major roadblock pushing their time estimates out over a week. As I said though, it is a "soft" deadline as the old system will still be functional but the contractors will become extremely expensive to continue on.

Things are still going good though and I confident that the oracle end of the transfer will be smooth.


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