Friday, September 08, 2006

Monitor Alert Log

UNIX shell script to monitor and email errors found in the alert log. Is ran as the oracle OS owner. Make sure you change the "emailaddresshere" entries to the email you want and put the check_alert.awk someplace. I have chosen $HOME for this example, in real life I put it on as mounted directory on the NAS.

if test $# -lt 1
 echo You must pass a SID
# ensure environment variables set
#set your environment here
export ORACLE_SID=$1
export ORACLE_HOME=/home/oracle/orahome
export MACHINE=`hostname`

# check if the database is running, if not exit

ckdb ${ORACLE_SID} -s
if [ "$?" -ne 0 ]
  echo " $ORACLE_SID is not running!!!"
 echo "${ORACLE_SID is not running!" | mailx -m -s "Oracle sid ${ORACLE_SID} is not running!" "
  exit 1

#Search the alert log, and email all of the errors
#move the alert_log to a backup copy
#cat the existing alert_log onto the backup copy

#oracle 8 or higher DB's only.
sqlplus '/ as sysdba' << EOF > /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_temp.txt
column xxxx format a10
column value format a80
set lines 132
SELECT 'xxxx' ,value FROM  v\$parameter WHERE  name = 'background_dump_dest'

cat /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_temp.txt | awk '$1 ~ /xxxx/ {print $2}' > /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_location.txt
read ALERT_DIR < /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_location.txt
cat ${ORIG_ALERT_LOG} | awk -f $HOME/check_alert.awk > /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.log
rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_temp.txt 2>/dev/null
if [ -s /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.log ]
     echo "Found errors in sid ${ORACLE_SID}, mailed errors"
     echo "The following errors were found in the alert log for ${ORACLE_SID}" > /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail
     echo "Alert log was copied into ${NEW_ALERT_LOG}" >> /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail
     echo " "
     date >> /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail 
     echo "--------------------------------------------------------------">>/tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail
     echo " "
     echo " " >> /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail 
     echo " " >> /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail 
     cat /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.log >>  /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail

 cat /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail | mailx -m -s "on ${MACHINE}, MONITOR of Alert Log for ${ORACLE_SID} found errors" "

     cat ${TEMP_ALERT_LOG} >> ${NEW_ALERT_LOG}
     touch ${ORIG_ALERT_LOG}
     rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_temp.txt 2> /dev/null
     rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.log 
     rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.mail 

rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_check_monitor_log.log > /dev/null
rm /tmp/${ORACLE_SID}_monitor_location.txt > /dev/null

The referenced awk script (check_alert.awk). You can modify it as needed to add or remove things you wish to look for. The ERROR_AUDIT is a custom entry that a trigger on DB error writes in our environment.

$0 ~ /Errors in file/ {print $0}
$0 ~ /PMON: terminating instance due to error 600/ {print $0}
$0 ~ /Started recovery/{print $0}
$0 ~ /Archival required/{print $0}
$0 ~ /Instance terminated/ {print $0}
$0 ~ /Checkpoint not complete/ {print $0}
$1 ~ /ORA-/ { print $0; flag=1 }
$0 !~ /ORA-/ {if (flag==1){print $0; flag=0;print " "} }
$0 ~ /ERROR_AUDIT/ {print $0}

I simply put this script into cron to run every 5 minutes passing the SID of the DB I want to monitor.


V said...


Where is check_alert.awk code?

Herod T said...

That code is right in the body of the post at the bottom.

uDBA said...

I have a couple of suggestions -

One is to remove all temp files in the beginning as a cleanup.

And also to move the alert_log contents to the monitored file outside of the "if" stmt. Else the contents get moved only if there is an error.

uDBA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Suhas said...


what is the command "ckdb"? is it some unix-flavor-specific?

The entire code fails there itself if I run the script.
Is this a bash or sh script? should anything be enabled to make this work?


Nikola said...

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ricardoskn said...

You can try this
I wrote it by myself

# Ricardo Arnoud
# mar.20.2012

SID=`ps aux | grep $1 | grep -Ev grep | tail -n1 | cut -d " " -f25`

if [ -z "$SID" ]; then
echo "error"
exit 1
exit 0