Sunday, August 06, 2006


One of our developers is moving on. He is pursuing a dream, he got a job with a company in the UK. He and his wife had been wishing to take the family to the UK for a visit, but this job presented itself and he grabbed at it. So off he and his entire family go.

The entire company will miss him, he may not have been the team leader, but he was the center of this particular applications development and support team and many times more useful than the team leader. Already the impact of his two weeks notice is being felt throughout the company. He is a University trained developer who actually learned what he was taught and who has specialized in one application and has become one of the best in his field of expertise.

I wish him and his family good luck and safe travels.

As you may have noticed, my job in France didn't go through, it was just too expensive for the company to move me from northern Canada to southern France. They went with somebody from the UK.

I have decided to start to actively look for work, I think I will look in places like the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe. If I am going to move I will leave Canada and I can't stand the United States, so I have limited locations I can find work where it isn't under active air raids or a crumbling government.

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