Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh no... no no no no no

I was "ordered" today to do an Application Express presentation and demonstration tomorrow during the lunch break of a meeting. TOMORROW... yeah.. lucky me. What a nightmare, less than 24 hours notice. First presentation in... ummm... 9 years... yeah, thats nine years. Only 15 people, but my boss (May his soul rest in peace, he is the one asking for the presentation), IT managers from 4 other sites and some senior developers. All knowledgable and have relatively powerful influence in the company. I have been busy making data, building a demonstration and stealing power point slides from Oracle Corporation. I am to show its benefits and why we should be using it. I have to show why it is better than Lotus Notes "databases" and "applications".


Herod T said...

Its all done.

12 slides, notes, and handout with scribble section.

Only took about 5 hours to bang together. I found an excel spreadsheet that some 30+ users here have to keep track of vehicle use, mileage and who has it signed out. Banged together a quick application to load the excel (copy paste) and then a have the steps to create a form users can log in via LDAP and enter/change information on the vehicle. Even have steps to create a calender page to see who has the vehicle when. 23 minutes (did it 4 times) from create application button to "Any Questions?"

Slick... I can actually see this going into production not too long after the presentation. It is good stuff and I had a good talk with the users on what they would like to see.

John Hurley said...

Pretty impressive buddy. So much for your sweating about not doing a presentation in 9 years eh?

I have been hacking around a little in HTMLDB ( sorry Application Express ) this week. I am starting to get a little feel for it. It is certainly way different than all the hundreds of PLSQL web pages ( using htp package ) I did during a long consulting gig.

Herod T said...

Yes, we have two large mod_plsql sites that we have started working on transporting them to APEX.

You can see more of my thoughts on presentations and my presentation bad points on Tom Kytes blog: